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Adtek provides superior products and services in both EVA and Metallocene based hotmelt for packaging application like:

  • Case sealing
  • Carton closing
  • Tray forming
  • Straw attachment

We have years of experience in packaging adhesives and a reputation for a reliability, quality, consistency and on time delivery as-well as unmatched industry expertise. With our level of practical experience, we are your one-stop shop for packaging adhesives.

Adtek manufactures high performance hotmelt packaging products to meet your specific requirements for bonding integrity, productivity, utilization cost and safety. The raw materials used for our packaging glue meet the FDA regulations for indirect food contact.

Straw Attachment

  • Our straw attachment glue with its fast setting properties works well on PP cups and tetrapak packages. Its low temperature resistance properties are ideal in beverage packaging industries that require excellent adhesion strength at low temperatures.
  • Our adhesives are ideal for wide range of machine speeds.

Carton closing, tray forming, wrap around

  • We have adhesives that bond easily to difficult surfaces such as PE or OPP laminated, and wax coated substrates
  • We have adhesives that maintain bond strength at temperatures as low as -15°C.
  • Our range of white color products is popular for its exceptional heat stability to withstand long hours of heating without charring.
  • Our products are virtually odourless and fume-free during application.
  • The efficient performance of our adhesives reduces cleaning down time.
  • Adtek’s low melt packaging glue is designed to use less heat compared with conventional hotmelt. Our glues have lower viscosity which improves the hot melt flow in your production equipment saving you more in electricity costs.