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The combination of Adtek experience and expertise in meeting the requirements of the non-woven industry make us the natural choice for manufacturers of diapers, napkins, medical gowns, incontinence pads and many others who need to bond non-woven materials.

We save our customers time and money with the superior performance of our adhesives and the superior knowledge of our staff. Our adhesives have a reputation for stability and consistency. We have achieved an excellent balance of softness, tack, peel strength and cohesion with flecibility and elasticity for elastic attachment applications. Our adhesives are ideal for high-speed construction processes with general handling characteristics that exceed the requirements of today's modern equipment.


Adtek produces wide range of quality products for construction, elastic and all-in-one application from premium, transparent grades to cost effective products, specially tailor made for your manufacturing needs. Whatever your material, we have the perfect adhesive for your needs - whether it is PE film, PPF, non-woven, tissue or cloth. All at very competitive prices. Just ask us.

Our construction glues possess high adhesion strength while the elastic glue provides good creep resistance. Our professionals understand each and every applications requirement in producing both baby and diapers production. We help to answer and provide solution to your doubt in term of adhesive or machinery.

Sanitary Napkins

Our positioning glue possesses optimal transfer resistance. Quality sanitary products require low temperature hotmelt adhesives that perform consistently.

Adtek’s adhesives are the ideal choice for use on wet out film and for increased penetration into fibrous substrates such as non-wovens and tissue.