ADTEK Consolidated Sdn Bhd - PackPlus 25 - 28th July 2018

PackPlus 25 - 28th July 2018

PackPlus is a part of The Global Packaging Network! Packaging has an annual global turnover of about $550 billion, and India’s share is approx. $16.5 billion per annum, making the Indian Packaging Industry rank 11th in the world. Indian packaging industry is set to see notable growth over 2016-2021, growing at a CAGR of 9.2% as compared to 6.2% during 2011-2016. The growth of the industry will be heavily influenced by changing demographics such as growing urbanization and the rising proportion of middle-class consumers. These changes drive the need for new packaging formats, such as different sizes, materials, and strength.

The promising prospects open doors to new demands, looking for new supplies. Adtek Consolidated Sdn Bhd has become the most reliable adhesive supplier for the industry. With the variance products that we have, we believe to offered numerous opportunities in related to packaging converting & their process. Please visit us at hall 9 booth No.1.